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ABCs of Coding

A coding and technology concept for each letter of the alphabet!

  • Arrays are a collection of the same thing.
  • A bit is the foundation for all data!
  • A Cookie stores data for websites!
  • To debug is to find and fix errors (bugs) in your code!
  • Enum is data with set value (choices)!
  • A function is code that you can reuse!
  • One gigabyte is a billion bytes!
  • HTML is how a website is coded
  • Integers are any whole number!
  • JSON is a way to organize data
  • A kilobyte is 1024 bytes!
  • A loop is a set of instructions that a computer repeats to complete a task!
  • A megabyte is 1 MILLION bytes!
  • Null is used when something doesn't have a value (yet)!
  • Objects store data and functions!
  • A pointer is reference to data!
  • A queue removes items in the order they were added.
  • Return tells a function it's done (and can send something back)!
  • A string is a set of characters stored together!
  • A thread represents a single task.
  • Undefined means something that doesn't have a value (yet!)
  • A variable lets you store data to use later.
  • While is a loop that repeats until a condition is met.
  • A way of storing information that allows computers to talk to each other
  • A way to store information computers use that’s also easy for humans to read
  • A program or process that still appears to be there even though it has already finished running.